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WHY RESCUE - Uncovering the Hard Truth

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Preventing Slaughter: Rescue helps save horses from being sent to slaughterhouses for meat production.

Rehabilitation and Rehoming: Rescued horses can be rehabilitated, medically treated, and provided with proper care before being placed for adoption or finding a forever home.

Supporting Equine Welfare: It contributes to the welfare and well-being of horses that might have suffered neglect, abuse, or poor living conditions.

Preserving Breeds: Some horses at auctions might belong to specific or rare breeds, and rescuing them helps preserve those bloodlines.

Educational Purpose: These rescues often serve as educational opportunities for people to learn about horse welfare, responsible ownership, and the consequences of neglect or abuse.

Emotional Bonding: Rescuing horses from dire circumstances can create strong human-animal bonds and provide a second chance for these animals to live a fulfilling life.


Overview: Horse auctions are widespread in the United States, where horses of all kinds are bought and sold. Unfortunately, many horses fall into the hands of "kill buyers" who sell them for slaughter.

Fates of Auction Horses: Most horses bought by killer buyers eventually face slaughter, while some endure multiple auctions and ownership changes before meeting the same grim end. Although there are no horse slaughterhouses in the U.S., horses are still shipped across borders for this purpose.

Conditions: Horses at auctions range from well-cared-for to severely neglected. Neglect is common, especially in winter, leading to starvation and health problems.

Inhumane Treatment: At auctions, horses endure whipping, prodding, and crowded, unsanitary conditions. Regulations are scarce, with few addressing horse welfare.

The Auction Impact: Auctions are the only public space where horse conditions can be observed. They also unintentionally support neglect by providing a market for abused horses. Regulation is vital to end these abuses.

Owners' Responsibility: Responsible horse owners must plan for their horses' lifelong care and find caring homes when needed. Humane euthanasia is a compassionate choice for horses that can no longer live comfortably due to age or illness.

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