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Big Red

He wasn't in the original plans, when we went to save our Texas horses. But when we saw him, we knew. Big Red is like something straight out of an Old West film. His quiet expression of trust, his pleasant attitude, and his stocky frame immediately tells you, he’s safe.


We saw his companion get separated from him and loaded onto a trailer, likely bound for slaughter across the border in Mexico. We couldn’t bear to watch Big Red follow the same path. The brand on his shoulder and the scars on his withers are glimpses of the story that he has carried people faithfully through time. In fact, to load him into our trailer, a worker hopped on his back and rode him right in, grabbing the top of the trailer as Big Red continued on inside. We are sorry that people have not been as faithful to you as you have been to them, but we promise to return the kindness to you, Big Guy.


Nicole LeBlanc

(810) 206-9890

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