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Sometimes trauma looks like bruises and broken bones; scars that remain as a reminder of a time that changed us forever. Sometimes, only those who know us best can see the inner scars of our past. So it is with Maple. 


Maple is a lovely tobiano colored, gaited mare estimated to be in her late teens. We rescued her from a kill pen in Texas. When she came to us, she was thin and a bit unkempt, but it was not her outer appearance that reached out to us for help, it was the quiet way she communicated her trauma to us.

She was described as "stoic".  Fear, for Maple, does not look like wide eyes and jumping back in panic. Fear for Maple looks like standing still, watching. Maple gently avoids the people she does not know, silently saying, "My trust has been broken". She tells her story in her body language; never aggressive,

but seemingly pleading with us to give her time to heal.  Maple won our hearts when she stood as a surrogate mother to Lovy on the long ride from Texas to

Michigan, just days after Lovy's mother tragically passed away. Maple guided the filly around the new pasture, making sure she was settled in before making her way out with the other adult horses. 


We know that Maple has a wonderful future ahead of her. Her gentle heart and quiet way will make someone a steadfast, loyal partner. It will be so rewarding to see her spirit open up as she learns to trust. Maple, welcome to a fresh start and a bright future.


Nicole LeBlanc

(810) 206-9890

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