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When we talk about Chili around here, it’s always with a smile. In the few short months after her arrival, her transformation was awe-inspiring. From gangly, sickly, shadow of a horse to a romping, confident, sassy friend, Chili has proven that the spirit within her is full of the brightest potential. She only needed

to be safe and loved, to exhibit the greatness within her.


Chili was our first rescue to arrive at the farm. She showed us very quickly that we were up against some major challenges in this work of ours. A long-legged draft cross, she came to us with a contagious illness and heavy parasite infestation. For a time, she wouldn’t allow for any human contact, and had a dull

expression that seemed distant from reality. As her body and her heart healed, she began to come alive, whinnying when we came to see her, and affectionately approaching us in the pasture. Chili demonstrates the ability to become an athletic all-around horse.


You are priceless, Chili, and we are so grateful we can say we rescued you.


Nicole LeBlanc

(810) 206-9890

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