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Nicole's Story

Throughout my entire life, anxiety has been a constant presence. However, I've come to realize that the only moments of genuine calm I've experienced were in the company of horses. This realization prompted me to embark on a mission to rescue two horses, one for my daughter and one for myself. Peanut, my equine companion, proved to be truly remarkable. He possessed an innate ability to provide solace by simply being with me.


While many people commended me for rescuing these horses, the truth is, they rescued me. Peanut, who had endured mistreatment and malnourishment before becoming a part of my life, unfortunately, passed away. Before he left, I made a solemn promise to him: that I would carry his love and ensure his memory lived on. Every moment of dedication and effort I invest is a tribute to you, Peanut. I carry your love in my heart, and I miss you every day. I hope that, in some way, I am living up to the promise I made to you, and that you are proud of me.

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