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Kirsten Annett's whole life has been intertwined with horses, her passion guiding every step of her journey.  From the moment she began taking weekly lessons and dedicated herself to horse camps, the magnetic pull of these majestic creatures became an intrinsic part of her being. A decade of deep involvement strengthened her determination to expand her expertise and create a significant influence.


In 2008, Kirsten embarked on a transformative educational voyage at the University of Findlay. Her dedication culminated in a degree in equine studies, laying the foundation for her subsequent career in teaching and riding. She brought with her a wealth of experience, nurturing both students and young horses, instilling in them not just the art of riding, but a deep understanding and compassion for these creatures.

Her foray into the rescue realm commenced with CANTER, an organization dedicated to rescuing thoroughbreds. Kirsten's affection for these horses had deep roots, stemming from her prior involvement in a thoroughbred breeding and training barn during her college days. The rewarding process of rehabilitating these majestic creatures, undoing the trauma and misfortunes they had endured, resonated profoundly with her. Drawing from her own experiences of personal trauma, Kirsten discovered an innate ability to comprehend and communicate through body language. Applying this gift to her training methods, she witnessed the transformative impact it had on these horses' lives.

Today, Kirsten shares her expertise and passion, offering lessons and training services. Her niche lies in rectifying past wrongs, helping both horse and rider rediscover the joy that riding is meant to bring. Her enthusiasm is boundless as she embarks on a fresh chapter with Lovy's Equine Sanctuary, eager to employ her vast knowledge to mend wounded hearts, one horse at a time. Her unwavering commitment to this cause embodies a heartfelt mission to restore and rejuvenate the equine world.


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